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3D engraved crystal

  • 3D engraved crystal
  • 3D engraved crystal
  • 3D engraved crystal
  • 3D engraved crystal
  • 3D engraved crystal
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Product Description

Product Description

We are laser machine supplier, we supply 2D, 2.5D, 3D laser crystal and crafts also. Laser crystal is widely used at:
* Christian, Muslim, Buddha and other religion image
* government, school, party anniversary present
* company promotion, sign and logo
* marriage studio and photo studio
* personalised gift and collection
* assembly activity gift
* room, car decoration
* etc

* A Grade Crystal
* no air bubble, no scratch, no impurity
* max engrave size is 1500x1000x80mm
* gift box with soft pad interior
* transparency and brightness with good polishing
* Customer's image, logo and designs welcomed
* Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces
* supply OEM, ODM service
* Freight not include

New technique laser subsurface engraving machine can make normal photo into 2.5D Relievo Effect image crystal without 3D camera photo. Make the hair, month, eye, clothing more lively in the same cost. No limit of time,
Space, location, distance and personalized treatment any more. Use same machine you can make Max engrave size 1500x1000x80mm 2D, 2.5D, 3D laser crystal


Product Function & Advantage:

LD-EG-501-8 Laser subsurface engraving machine is laser processing equipment integrating optics, machinery, and electron. It adopts the laser technology, computer control technology, and high precision, high efficient Servo control system. The machine can engrave all kinds of exquisite perfect three-dimensional pattern inside the transparent crystal glass in different specs and shapes.

LD-EG-501-8 laser Sub-surface Engraving Machine is eight heads laser machine; it could engrave the same image in 8 blank crystals at the same time. The products will give person pure-clear crystal and fine noble visual image impression, which is ingenious for your home decoration.

Product main technical index:

Laser Medium: YAG Rod

Pump Sources: Xe lamp

Xe lamp lifetime: 300-600 Hours

Laser Wavelength: 532nm (Green Laser)

Highest Frequency of Laser Power Supply: 100HZ

Power of Servo Motors: 3×200W

Maximum Engraving Range: 300mm×300mm×80mm

Engraving Speed: 40006000dots/min

Engraving time(50mm*50mm*80mm crystal): 30 minutes

Engraving time(keychain): 6 minutes

Working Way: X-Y-Z

Repeated location accuracy: 5 μm

Power of Laser Power Supply: 2KW

Power consumption: 4KW

Laser Head Number: 8

Continuous Working Time: 12 hrs

Working Current of the Whole Machine: 20 A

Control System: Servo control system

Deadweight of Main Machine: 230 kg

Dimension of Main Machine (L+W+H): 1580mm×580mm×1400mm

Cooling system: circulating water cooler


For your information, 100Hz, 200 Hz, 2000Hz, 3000 Hz and 5000Hz, single head and multi-head, green laser and UV laser, water cooler and air cooler, max engraving range 3000*4000*100mm are all available. Moreover, as laser equipment manufacturer, we can customize for you, too. By the way, we have branch office in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yiwu and own two factories to produce all kinds of crystals, LED bases etc.


My dear friend, welcome to contact us for further information, we will support you most competitive price and patient technical guide.


Contact Person: Michelle

Email/MSN: sales4 (at) leadlaser.com

Skype: leadlaser4

Mobile: +86 15871768028

Payment Terms︰TT/LC/CASH/WUMT
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